The Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type

The Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type 

In a world of ever-changing trends, it might not always be easy to know how to adapt them for Indians’ unique (and beautiful!) body shapes. We have created this handy guide to help you learn how to dress for your body shape and play up your most favourite features with the styles you have (or should have) in your closet. Take a look!
In this era of ever-evolving fashion trends, it can be confusing to understand how to adapt them for our beautiful Indian Body types. We have devised a useful guide to help you master how to dress according to your body type and highlight your best features with the designs you have in your wardrobe.

The Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body type is almost every woman’s dream figure and is referred to as the perfect body type time and again. Hourglass figures are usually defined as the same measurements of the hip and bust with a waist to die for. 
Indo Western Anarkali Dress  Indo Western Anarkali Dress
When clothing an hourglass body shape, stylists follow certain guidelines to create outfits. Lines are your best companions. They quickly draw attention by highlighting the best parts of your body. Don’t hesitate from wearing dresses, hourglass figures are made for dresses. Body-hugging dresses will draw focus to your waist and accentuate it. In case your outfits are loose, go for a beautiful belt to define your waistline.

The Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangular body types are similar to hourglass body types, without the waist. Women with rectangular figures are somewhat straight, their shoulders, hips, and waist have almost the same measurements. 

Pink Crop Top and Palazzo  Black Anarkali and Palazzo

The best part about having a rectangular figure is that you can plan outfits according to the feature you would like to highlight. The best way to do that is by wearing cinched clothing that will accentuate your waist. Another way to do this is by donning tight tops that highlight your upper body and define your waist. The biggest advantage of a rectangular body shape is that one can pull off any type of bottom.

The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted Triangle Body Shapes are the most athletic with their shoulders broader than their hips. It is imperative to balance these broad shoulders and narrow lower body to look symmetrical.
Grey Indo Western Jumpsuit  Red Lehenga
This can be achieved by wearing outfits that make the hips look curvy and add definition to the waist. Dresses or bottoms that add volume to the lower body help in making the hips look wider.
Wide-legged bottoms like palazzos are the best in balancing out the inverted triangle body shape and drawing attention to your sexy legs. 

The Oval Body Shape

If your upper body, lower body, and waist have almost the same measurements, you have an Oval figure. The key is to call attention to your waist by accentuating it and giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.
Indo Western Midi Dress  Purple Anarkali Indo Western Dress
Remember to avoid loose, boxy tops that hide the waist. Bottoms should be simple and solid.